Best Places to Enjoy a Cocktail in Florence


Florence is an exciting place where cocktail enthusiasts can have a great time. Home to the Negroni, an iconic Italian cocktail that originated during the height of the 1900s avant-garde movement, the city boasts numerous well-heeled originals, which are now joined by lots of new quality drinking establishments. Here are the best places to enjoy a cocktail in Florence.



Manifattura – Visitors Get to Experience Total, Vaguely Humorous Italianity

Created by Fabiano Fabiani, a bartender, Manifattura is a 50s-style cocktail lounge. Everything on the menu at this cocktail lounge is made in Italy: bitters, vermouth, aperitivi and over eighty labels of amaro, including national, classics and small-batch varieties. Visitors will enjoy nearly forgotten Italian vintage liqueurs, soda plus classic prosecco-based cocktails like Puccini and Bellini. Drinking cocktail at Manifattura is like tasting a gourmet dish that will stimulate all the five senses. Also, every drink here is under 10 euros.


Bitter Bar – Vistors Can Enjoy Good Jazz and Cocktails in a Relaxing Atmosphere with Friends


This bar is inspired by the 1920s and will give visitors a cocktail experience that they will never forget. The menu in Bitter Bar is divided into amazing twists on classic, such as an aged Negroni, plus the inventions of the bar ower Cristian Guitti, who is one of the most respected bartenders in Florence. There are colourfully presented cocktails with unique culinary accoutrements like truffle honey, chile jam, celery juice, torched extractions and mint bitters along with punch bowls to share with friends.


Mayday Club – Enjoy Cocktail in this Florence’s True Mixology Den

This uniquely stylish cocktail lounge is where locals get to mix with other people from different parts of the world and enjoy amazing cocktails. A mix of vintage radio technology relics, risque velvet paintings and moody theatre lighting make for a unique Dali-esque space where experienced bartenders create innovative cocktails with house-made liqueurs, infusions and all-natural juices.



Fusion Bar & Restaurant – Visitors will Discover the Innovative Menu plus the Original Cocktails

Established in 1999, Fusion Bar & Restaurant is a place where young and fashionable sip on cocktails that are influenced by the amazing Japanese-Italian food menu. The restaurant specialises in Nikkei cuisine, which is Peruvian-Japanese fusion. The notable house-made details include Calabrian chile-infused mezcal plus tequila blends, a barrel-aged Negroni mixed with Alchermes and sesame-infused vodka.

Florence is among the most charming cities found in Italy; holidaymakers can treat themselves at the exclusive Fibnb apartments in Florence and enjoy the best cocktails the city has to offer.