The history of Wat Arun, Bangkok

Locally referred to as Wat Chaeng or the Temple of the Dawn, Wat Arun is a sacred site seated by the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. It is revered as one of the most stunning sacred structures of the world.


Wat Arun was constructed during the Ayutthaya era, and was in 1768 envisioned by General Taksin. During this time, the site holding Wat Arun had a smaller temple known as Wat Makok, a time at which the Ayutthaya Kingdom was in ruins. It is said that the general swore to rebuild the temple after winning the war against the invading Burmese army. This was after heviewed the temple from Chao Phraya River. As soon as he had defeated the warlords, he founded the Thonburi Kingdom, which lasted between 1768 and 1782. He then rebuilt the Wat Marok temple, and named it Wat Jaeng, meaning the Temple of Dawn. Taksin gave the monks ill treatment and drove them out to worship alone in the temple.

Later, the general was overthrown, and the temple abandoned. However, it was not to remain empty for too long. Rama I successor, Rama II who took over between 1809 and 1824 restored it. He reconstructed the temples aesthetics, had the central spire raised higher and went ahead to rename the temple Wat Arun. Renaming the temple as the general had was aimed at keeping the theme of dawn, but this time, Rama II connected it with India, which is considered the centre of Buddhism.

His plan was to raise the central spire beyond 16 meters. Unfortunately, he died before this mission was accomplished. The construction was later completed by Rama III in 1847, who raised the spire to 67 meters, making the structure to be the tallest in Thailand to date. The completed structure is what is today towering the Bangkok skyline. Wat Arun is Mount Meru’s architectural reproduction, housing images of the guardian gods of the four directions.

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5 reasons you should get married in Bangkok


Whether you are a foreigner marrying a Thai national, or both of you are foreigners coming to get married in Thailand, you have to follow specific steps. Your marriage can only be legal in your country if you perform it under valid Thai law. In other words, having your wedding ceremony in Bangkok does not mean your marriage is legal. Realistically you need three days to get embassy appointment, MFA submissions, and translations.

The following are the reasons you should consider getting married in Bangkok:


  1. Wonderful Weather


In Bangkok, the weather is almost perfect throughout the year. Furthermore, during the sunny seasons, the sunsets in Bangkok are breathtaking. There are a lot of leisure activities on the beaches and entertainment by the local dancers.


When it rains, you and your partner will have a lot of indoor activities to undertake. You can visit aquariums, temples, entertainment complexes, and shopping malls.


  1. Cost


The cost of getting married in Bangkok differs significantly, especially when you compare it to western countries. It is considerably cheaper, while at the same time offers a world-class wedding destination. Recently, it was awarded the top position by the Destination Wedding Planners [DWP] conference.

There are budgets for every amount that you will find in the city—the prices for a wedding in Bangkok range between $ 500 and $ 250000.


  1. Modern and chic resorts


Irrespective of the wedding type that you chose, whether extravagant or on a shoe-
string, there are a number of beautiful resorts in Bangkok from which you can host your

Bangkok is full of natural beauty. You can hold your wedding at a private villa, in a
botanical garden, stunning beaches, or a mountain retreat. Whatever you are looking
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wedding could be the perfect location in the city’s Sukhumvit area of the city.


  1. Delicious food


Guests to your wedding will love the fresh, vibrant, and delicious food. The food in the city is ideal for any wedding, and when you visit, you will experience it. All hotels have top chefs that offer zesty, healthy, and colorful food.

Nonetheless, hotels serve western food for those guests who do not enjoy Thai food.


  1. Amazing landscape


Bangkok is full of natural beauty. You can hold your wedding at a private villa, in a botanical garden, stunning beaches, or a mountain retreat. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will quickly get a Landmark Bangkok wedding.




Delight your guests by having your wedding party in Bangkok. The city has some of the best private party venues that will amaze your guests.



5 tips for organizing a successful meeting.

When organizing for a meeting, it is recommended that the host plans it ahead of time and schedules for a venue. Renting of meeting rooms west London can be very competitive, and the host needs to schedule an appointment on time. One of the best places to have a meeting is the K West Hotel & Spa which has amazing conference rooms.



  1. Plan for the meeting ahead of time

Planning for a meeting ahead of time saves you time and makes people aware. This allows them to plan their busy schedule and make room for the meeting. Additionally, it allows everyone to be ready for the meeting and be prepared for the agenda. Also, you need to plan on how long the meeting will take place to prepare everyone.


  1. Have all the right information

Before the meeting starts the host or the organiser should have all the information they are going to present with them. They should research on the topic and get all the information. This allows for the meeting to move faster and the host to have an easy time delivering the agenda.



  1. Punctuality

The meeting should start and end on time. Nothing frustrates the attendees than a meeting which takes up most of their other plans for the day. Moreover, waiting for the speaker at a meeting can be exhausting and time-consuming. The attendees like when a meeting starts on time and ends on time.


  1. Involve everyone in the meeting

Having a monologue meeting can be boring, and most of the people don’t pay attention to it. Involving the attendees in dialogue and the decisions being made is a great way to interact. The attendees feel appreciated and like their presence is valued. This will improve the work efficiency of the group and create an impact.



  1. Have a follow up of question and answers

Leave the ground open for any questions about the meeting and any suggestions that may make an impact regarding the meeting. This creates an interactive and creative workforce. Additionally, it can boost the commitment of the attendees.




Meetings can be used to pass new information or come up with ways to improve the business. An effective meeting should have great and positive impacts.


Best restaurants near Marble Arch


This article explores some of the best restaurants where you can satisfy your craving near Marble Arch

Marble Arch is one of the most iconic locations in London. It was regarded as a place of honour in front of the Buckingham Palace before being moved to Hyde Park. Its design is based on one of the most iconic monuments in Rome, the Arch of Constantine. Marble Arch has a wide variety of restaurants where you can enjoy and have a good time with your family and friends. Here we explore some of the best ones.


Nipa Thai – enjoy the best Thai Cuisine


This is the restaurant to be if you want to enjoy an authentic dining cuisine. Its location, just opposite Hyde Park in the glamorous Royal Lancaster London Hotel, makes it easy to access. Some of the renowned delicacies you can enjoy here include their famous all-Thai Chicken and Teak décor. The restaurant has even been recognized for its authenticity by the Thai Government with the Thai Select Award. Dining at Nipa, which means ‘shining light,’ promises to be an experience to be savoured.



The Arch London – enjoy a unique dining experience

The hotel is located near Maryebone and Marble Arch. Its architecture blends both English heritage and Georgian splendour. Visitors at the hotel can be able to enjoy the tranquillity afforded by the leafy streets of Marylebone that are lined with Victorian homes. There are also plenty of activities you can do at local areas around the Arch London. For example, you can go shopping at Marybone, which is an acclaimed fashion district in London, or even wine and dine at the Hunter Restaurant and Bar located in the Arch London. Whatever activity you want to undertake at London, then starting your day from the Arch London would be more than ideal.



Nirvana Kitchen London – experience a Pan – Asian odyssey


The restaurant aims at bringing delicacies from the east to the West end of London. The restaurant operates under the philosophy that if they make delicacies with pure ingredients, then customers will have a pleasurable experience. The restaurant blends traditional recipes with a modern twist. Some of the places they source their ingredients include Thailand, Japan, Korea and India. The restaurant’s signature menu is beef bulgogi, a Korean delicacy perfected with Japanese purple potatoes and Indian achari carrots.



Steak & Lobster Marble Arch


If you looking for a restaurant that serves steak and lobster, then this would be a good choice. They serve the finest quality of this delicacy and also complement it with a wide range of drinks, salads, bits and desserts.


As evidenced in this collection, there are plenty of restaurants you can wine and dine while near Marble Arch. Although not a comprehensive list, these are some with the best ratings.


A Thai Wedding, what should I expect?


As a guest at a Thai wedding, you should be ready to witness lots of rituals that may be new to you. In this post, we are going to look at the different stages of a traditional Thai wedding, the different events that you can attend and the ones you may not attend.


The easiest approach to a Thai wedding is to attend the activities that happen from the afternoon onwards, as the morning activities tend to be for the family. If you are able to speak a bit of Thai, you will enjoy listening to speeches, and even interact more with other guests in the course of the day.


To help you plan better for the wedding day, let us dive into learning more.


Pre-Wedding Arrangements


Before the D-day, a close friend of the groom approaches the father of the bride to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage. He also participates in the dowry (son sod) negotiations ceremony, which is an expression of how the daughter has been brought up. An astrologer is then consulted regarding the wedding day which is often held in August. On the eve prior to the wedding ceremony, a Buddhist ceremony led by nine invited monks is conducted, to pay respects to their ancestors. Since a lot happens before the wedding, you can use it as a topic to start a conversation with other guests or the family.


The water Ceremony – Who Attends it?


The parents of the senior couple place flowers around the necks of the newlyweds as they pour water on their heads. This ceremony denotes blessings from the parents and the only people who attend it are the guests who are older than the couple.


Religious Ceremony – The Different Activities to Attend


This specific ceremony is held very early at 6 am. Nine monks bless the couple once more where the couple is bound within a string that forms a circular shape. The monks receive a cash envelope after the prayer processions and lunch is served to finalise this part of the wedding. The couple also makes a donation to the temple (wat) for blessings.


The afternoon is the time when the main event, called rod nam sang takes place. The hands of the bride and the groom are connected by a flower chain as a show of respect. This event is officiated by the most senior member of the group. The couple then soaks their hands in a conch shell that has water, for blessings towards their union. The soaking of the newlywed’s hands will also be done by the parents and close friends. This ceremony proceeds until dinnertime. The dinner event is where guests flock in numbers.


Since Thai people like to drink together during festivities, be ready to enjoy a buffet served with drinks of all kinds. After dinner in a hotel like the Lancaster Bangkok Hotel, a traditional send-off of the newlyweds is orchestrated by the elders.





As you have seen, the best parts that are open to all guests include the rod nam sang and the dinner event. You are now able to know the type of event you want to attend, in a Thai wedding ceremony.

Best Places to Enjoy a Cocktail in Florence


Florence is an exciting place where cocktail enthusiasts can have a great time. Home to the Negroni, an iconic Italian cocktail that originated during the height of the 1900s avant-garde movement, the city boasts numerous well-heeled originals, which are now joined by lots of new quality drinking establishments. Here are the best places to enjoy a cocktail in Florence.



Manifattura – Visitors Get to Experience Total, Vaguely Humorous Italianity

Created by Fabiano Fabiani, a bartender, Manifattura is a 50s-style cocktail lounge. Everything on the menu at this cocktail lounge is made in Italy: bitters, vermouth, aperitivi and over eighty labels of amaro, including national, classics and small-batch varieties. Visitors will enjoy nearly forgotten Italian vintage liqueurs, soda plus classic prosecco-based cocktails like Puccini and Bellini. Drinking cocktail at Manifattura is like tasting a gourmet dish that will stimulate all the five senses. Also, every drink here is under 10 euros.


Bitter Bar – Vistors Can Enjoy Good Jazz and Cocktails in a Relaxing Atmosphere with Friends


This bar is inspired by the 1920s and will give visitors a cocktail experience that they will never forget. The menu in Bitter Bar is divided into amazing twists on classic, such as an aged Negroni, plus the inventions of the bar ower Cristian Guitti, who is one of the most respected bartenders in Florence. There are colourfully presented cocktails with unique culinary accoutrements like truffle honey, chile jam, celery juice, torched extractions and mint bitters along with punch bowls to share with friends.


Mayday Club – Enjoy Cocktail in this Florence’s True Mixology Den

This uniquely stylish cocktail lounge is where locals get to mix with other people from different parts of the world and enjoy amazing cocktails. A mix of vintage radio technology relics, risque velvet paintings and moody theatre lighting make for a unique Dali-esque space where experienced bartenders create innovative cocktails with house-made liqueurs, infusions and all-natural juices.



Fusion Bar & Restaurant – Visitors will Discover the Innovative Menu plus the Original Cocktails

Established in 1999, Fusion Bar & Restaurant is a place where young and fashionable sip on cocktails that are influenced by the amazing Japanese-Italian food menu. The restaurant specialises in Nikkei cuisine, which is Peruvian-Japanese fusion. The notable house-made details include Calabrian chile-infused mezcal plus tequila blends, a barrel-aged Negroni mixed with Alchermes and sesame-infused vodka.

Florence is among the most charming cities found in Italy; holidaymakers can treat themselves at the exclusive Fibnb apartments in Florence and enjoy the best cocktails the city has to offer.