Best restaurants near Marble Arch


This article explores some of the best restaurants where you can satisfy your craving near Marble Arch

Marble Arch is one of the most iconic locations in London. It was regarded as a place of honour in front of the Buckingham Palace before being moved to Hyde Park. Its design is based on one of the most iconic monuments in Rome, the Arch of Constantine. Marble Arch has a wide variety of restaurants where you can enjoy and have a good time with your family and friends. Here we explore some of the best ones.


Nipa Thai – enjoy the best Thai Cuisine


This is the restaurant to be if you want to enjoy an authentic dining cuisine. Its location, just opposite Hyde Park in the glamorous Royal Lancaster London Hotel, makes it easy to access. Some of the renowned delicacies you can enjoy here include their famous all-Thai Chicken and Teak décor. The restaurant has even been recognized for its authenticity by the Thai Government with the Thai Select Award. Dining at Nipa, which means ‘shining light,’ promises to be an experience to be savoured.



The Arch London – enjoy a unique dining experience

The hotel is located near Maryebone and Marble Arch. Its architecture blends both English heritage and Georgian splendour. Visitors at the hotel can be able to enjoy the tranquillity afforded by the leafy streets of Marylebone that are lined with Victorian homes. There are also plenty of activities you can do at local areas around the Arch London. For example, you can go shopping at Marybone, which is an acclaimed fashion district in London, or even wine and dine at the Hunter Restaurant and Bar located in the Arch London. Whatever activity you want to undertake at London, then starting your day from the Arch London would be more than ideal.



Nirvana Kitchen London – experience a Pan – Asian odyssey


The restaurant aims at bringing delicacies from the east to the West end of London. The restaurant operates under the philosophy that if they make delicacies with pure ingredients, then customers will have a pleasurable experience. The restaurant blends traditional recipes with a modern twist. Some of the places they source their ingredients include Thailand, Japan, Korea and India. The restaurant’s signature menu is beef bulgogi, a Korean delicacy perfected with Japanese purple potatoes and Indian achari carrots.



Steak & Lobster Marble Arch


If you looking for a restaurant that serves steak and lobster, then this would be a good choice. They serve the finest quality of this delicacy and also complement it with a wide range of drinks, salads, bits and desserts.


As evidenced in this collection, there are plenty of restaurants you can wine and dine while near Marble Arch. Although not a comprehensive list, these are some with the best ratings.