5 reasons you should get married in Bangkok


Whether you are a foreigner marrying a Thai national, or both of you are foreigners coming to get married in Thailand, you have to follow specific steps. Your marriage can only be legal in your country if you perform it under valid Thai law. In other words, having your wedding ceremony in Bangkok does not mean your marriage is legal. Realistically you need three days to get embassy appointment, MFA submissions, and translations.

The following are the reasons you should consider getting married in Bangkok:


  1. Wonderful Weather


In Bangkok, the weather is almost perfect throughout the year. Furthermore, during the sunny seasons, the sunsets in Bangkok are breathtaking. There are a lot of leisure activities on the beaches and entertainment by the local dancers.


When it rains, you and your partner will have a lot of indoor activities to undertake. You can visit aquariums, temples, entertainment complexes, and shopping malls.


  1. Cost


The cost of getting married in Bangkok differs significantly, especially when you compare it to western countries. It is considerably cheaper, while at the same time offers a world-class wedding destination. Recently, it was awarded the top position by the Destination Wedding Planners [DWP] conference.

There are budgets for every amount that you will find in the city—the prices for a wedding in Bangkok range between $ 500 and $ 250000.


  1. Modern and chic resorts


Irrespective of the wedding type that you chose, whether extravagant or on a shoe-
string, there are a number of beautiful resorts in Bangkok from which you can host your

Bangkok is full of natural beauty. You can hold your wedding at a private villa, in a
botanical garden, stunning beaches, or a mountain retreat. Whatever you are looking
for, if you are planning to get married in Bangkok itself, a  Landmark Bangkok
wedding could be the perfect location in the city’s Sukhumvit area of the city.


  1. Delicious food


Guests to your wedding will love the fresh, vibrant, and delicious food. The food in the city is ideal for any wedding, and when you visit, you will experience it. All hotels have top chefs that offer zesty, healthy, and colorful food.

Nonetheless, hotels serve western food for those guests who do not enjoy Thai food.


  1. Amazing landscape


Bangkok is full of natural beauty. You can hold your wedding at a private villa, in a botanical garden, stunning beaches, or a mountain retreat. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will quickly get a Landmark Bangkok wedding.




Delight your guests by having your wedding party in Bangkok. The city has some of the best private party venues that will amaze your guests.




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